Top 10 Email Marketing Software in 2022

Every business would need the marketing push to stabilize it. With emails, the result is commendable. For all businesses considering emailing their major means of communication, it is important to find the right channel or email marketing software to help you strategize your email campaigns effectively. 

Here we would like to bring out some of the best Email marketing software that are driven to make a difference in your business and simplify your marketing process from now! 

#1 Yoroflow 

What comes to your mind when it’s all about Email marketing software? A lot! Yoroflow can be your leading partner for automating your email campaigns and executing them easily. It helps you to target the right audience at the right time with the right channel. It helps you shorten your sales cycle through the hassle of email marketing. 

With Yoroflow, you get the opportunity to plan, track and schedule your email campaigns with ease. Filter the email ids that are not valid so that your delivery rates always stand high and response rates also high, resulting in lower spam scores. The advanced analytics integrated with the platform helps you keep track of the performance and improve the campaigns accordingly. 

#2 Mailchimp

Mailchimp has always scored in the first few places regarding business email marketing. The best way to execute them is to have a proper understanding and execute them easily. It helps you to target the right audience and helps you track the performances too. It also comes with a budget-friendly system so that anybody can afford it. It makes it a great fit for startups and well-established businesses in the landscape. 

#3 Sendinblue 

If your objective is to build a great customer base, then all you need is to look for this platform. It is an amazing email marketing software that helps you with seamless and user-friendly email campaigns that help you to spread the word about the brand. The ease of use can be further simplified this way – It makes it possible for you to set up an email strategy within seconds and execute them easily. Moreover, it also helps you to send and track chat messages, integrate social media channels and much more. 

#4 Hubspot

Hubspot is always a preferred choice for Enterprises. It has widely advanced features that can help you build, track, execute and analyze the performance. With free versions, the features you enjoy would be much more minimal. However, as you wish to upgrade, the features would be extraordinary simultaneously, and the budget would also be highly expensive. Hence, it is an ideal choice for the B2B industry for the service providers, where it would be a great fit. It also can integrate with WordPress so that emails can be configured there and sent through Hubspot. 

#5 Autopilot 

Simplify how you enter into digital marketing – that’s the motto for Autopilot. It comes with a muh simple, intuitive, user-friendly platform with more exciting features that can take your breath away. It has some best designs for building email templates and rolling them on for creating extensive customer journeys. If you think marketing is all about sending emails and rushing to get responses, that time has changed! It’s all about sending the right messages to the right audience at the right time. You get the behavioral information of your prospects with these platforms, based on which you can customize your campaigns.  

#6 MailerLite 

It is well known to be one of the most budget-friendly and effective email marketing software you would ever get. Send a maximum of 12000 emails per month free of cost. Can you believe it? Yes, but features would be much more minimal, but basic needs can be fulfilled with this platform that best supports startups and small organizations.  


It is highly suited for the experts out there in digital marketing. All the advanced features that a professional marketer would look forward to can be found in this easily. Some noteworthy features include round-the-clock customer support and a wide array of email templates built within the system for businesses to standardize email communication. But, the biggest con is the lack of a free or basic version. Anything you wish to try should be completed only with a paid subscription. 

#8 GetResponse 

It is a great fit for the ecommerce industry. Its versatile nature and ease of usage make it highly biased toward the e-commerce industry. Smart integration is key, and it has a reliable and intuitive interface that is well suited to render omni-channel support for your business; GetResponse is versatile, easy to use, and now has an improved focus on e-commerce.

 #9 Salesforce Pardot 

The big name in the field of email marketing and automation. But it is not a budget-friendly option for many businesses. That’s why it is meant for a premium or elite customer, where businesses enjoy a wide array of features without being concerned about the budget. Some of the best features include the end user email marketing campaigns and stunning analytics, AI-based chatbots, reporting dashboards and much more. 

#10 Zoho 

It is a well-reputed brand in CRM. But it also has some initial email marketing software which help the existing Zoho customers. The clientele is limited to the existing group. Still, it has extensive features that you can benefit from – a great first for startups or smaller companies who embrace the power of automation. It is a budget-friendly option and has features to make your business shine. 

So what have you decided? 

All set to streamline your email marketing activities and bring a huge difference for your business and benefits in email marketing.

Choose the best Email marketing platforms that is a great fit for your business – so that it helps you to get close and closer to meeting your goals and objectives.