Best Dedicated Server Hosting Providers of 2022

Small & large-sized businesses have a range of options for hosting their resources like websites, web apps, or mail servers. The most preferred way to applications is through shared hosting where a server’s resources are shared by numerous sites. Companies looking for power & control in their system need to find a suitable hosting provider and host the apps correctly. The dedicated hosting provider is working with the clients to give them the CPU or disk space they aspire to. The server hosting provider is responsible for maintaining the server and eliminates the upfront cost of businesses.

Getting a dedicated server for your business means that you get an entire server to yourself. The website stays responsible for a longer duration as there is no sharing of RAM or CPU time, which means that the website stays responsible at all times.

Shared web hosting is also providing amazing value to business motives and is available with feature-packed products available at easy cost every month. But dedicated hosting is meant to provide the kind of privacy desired by businesses to maintain their daily operations. Enterprises are monitoring their progress with proper hosting of resources & utilizing it the right way. The dedicated hosting contacts are coming with knowledge support and the best providers are monitoring the server for issues, like the failed services. The guest post highlights the best-dedicated server hosting provider of 2022.

Are you looking to enhance the performance of your website? Choose the right dedicated hosting plan that addresses the different business concerns. Appreciate having a server of your own if you’re pushing the current hosting setup to the limits. Dedicated server hosting is the choice in which the actual server is devoted to a business client and the entity has unlimited oversight over the machine. It is inseparable from a dedicated server and assists in the easy management of hosting services.

Liquid Web

It is one of the most popular dedicated server hosting providers with products ranging from WooCommerce plans, WordPress, to dedicated servers, cloud VPS, & private clouds. The dedicated offerings are starting at $199 per month, but they’re also far better specified than most of the competitors in the market. The cheapest dedicated server includes speedy 240GB SSD drives and 1TB SATA backup, making it easy to run the regular backups.

Liquid Web is providing the best bundle package for dedicated hosting plans! The hosting plan provides the highest level of performance and their servers earn a top spot in the list. The different versions of the dedicated hosting plan include – Intel Xeon 1230 v6, Intel Xeon Silver 4108, and Intel Xeon Gold 6130. The Gold servers are best used for big databases, website virtualization, and SaaS companies.


It is arguably one of the most preferred web hosting providers in the market. This kind of hosting service provider ensures the best uptime rates & thus making them one of the reliable web hosting one can choose. Their loading speed falls a bit short of the industry averages and the dedicated server plans are the ones to be taken into consideration if you’re looking for more affordable options. The pricing starts at affordable rates and offers the dedicated servers plan of 8 GB, 16 GB, & 30 GB of RAM respectively.

HostGator is having unmetered bandwidth for all kinds of dedicated servers & which is another bonus of the hosting service. The different hosting plans include – Value Server, Power Server, & Enterprise Server. This kind of dedicated server delivers exceptional uptime & proven customer support.

Media Temple

Media Temple is regarded as one of the dedicated hosting providers from Resellers & Enterprises. It has unique offerings and the dedicated plan starts at $2,000 per month. It is also made for enterprise-level hosting. If you’re not an enterprise-level then look for other options as it might prove costly for the small businesses. Big organizations have the requirement of multiple features for relevant business operations and thus Media Temple works as the best hosting provider.

The Media Temple dedicated server hosting is offering both managed hosting & self-managed hosting plans. Businesses will be able to run complex mechanisms or tasks at the worksite and the server hosting provider supports all kinds of protections. It is the best server hosting option for enterprises that plan on reselling & have enough control to rent space for the clients on a server.

A2 Hosting

One might argue that A2 hosting is not one of the prioritized hosting providers on the list, but it offers some of the best-dedicated server hosting features that match the business needs. A2 Hosting is the best choice if your business aspires for blazing fast speed in addition to the performance of the hardware. A2 Hosting offers a wide range of plans to choose from and the features are idle for small businesses.

It has a dedicated server plan for everyone and they offer unmanaged hosting at an affordable rate. It adds the required level of customization needed to host the resources on the dedicated servers and also promises an entirely new level of hosting features. A2 hosting offers competitive pricing and takes the performance of the business site to a new level.


InMotion is one of the highly regarded dedicated web hosting solutions for small businesses! Entrepreneurs looking to start a venture on their own need a platform to host their business resources and InMotion guarantees the best assistance. It offers excellent customer service to clients hosting their dedicated servers on the protected servers and is the massive selling point. The support of the dedicated server hosting provider is available through email, chat, phone, & other communication platforms.

The uptime and loading speeds of the dedicated hosting provider are highly reliable. The cost of servers isn’t too bad either and it is meant to address all the concerns of small businesses urgently.


Bluehost is providing the most reliable dedicated server hosting services that are cost-effective at the same time. Its pricing starts at $79.99 and also ensures 500 GB of storage. The different price plans of Bluehost dedicated hosting include – Standard Plan, Enhanced Plan, and Premier Plan. The Standard or Enhanced plan is more than enough for the business sites and there’s plenty in the premium plan that is worth the extra cost for dedicated hosting.

All plans from Bluehost come with a free SSL certificate and also a free domain for 1 year. It also provides root access as well for those who want custom & advanced installation to the server. Businesses look for affordable options to host their business resources and nothing is better than a reliable server hosting provider like Bluehost. 

Final Thoughts!

Dedicated hosting plans are meant to provide a dedicated server to a single client. Thus the business will be able to address all the concerns related to operations earlier in the public cloud and no need to share resources now with anyone. Compare the prices & features of above mentioned dedicated hosting provider or even others in the market to find the most suitable one. Make sure that the right kind of hosting services can address the concerns of enterprises and allow them to move ahead with their hosting plans.

Dedicated hosting is a bit expensive than other kinds of hosting plans and thus verify all the features before renting the services. Reach out to a professional server hosting company with ideal plans for large organizations or websites with high traffic volume.